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Navigator 365 for Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Build search experience for your users in Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Create user-friendly, search-driven apps with Navigator 365, enhancing how information is accessed and utilized. Enable users to merge SharePoint and Teams content effortlessly, using simple search, grouping, and filtering tools. Build attractive intranet pages, document centers, and communication sites that improve user experience. This approach simplifies finding and using information, making work in SharePoint and Teams more efficient.


Navigator 365 has garnered significant recognition within the SharePoint community. Not only was it a finalist for the SharePoint Community Awards in both 2017 and 2022, but it also secured a spot among the Top 5 Most Used SharePoint Framework Apps in the Microsoft SharePoint Store. This underlines the app's reputation and widespread adoption among SharePoint users.

Installation and Configuration Help

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Installation Manual

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Training Videos

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Navigator 365 simplifies document organization, offering a streamlined intranet experience for users with just a few configuration steps. Display all site documents in a single view for easy access, and locate specific files with quick, intuitive search and filters.

Enhance your Communication sites with a search-driven intranet experience using Navigator 365. Effortlessly find HR documents, marketing materials, and sales presentations.

Utilize Navigator 365 as a Document Center search web part and an alternative to the standard search experience.

Leverage taxonomy-driven navigation for customers with intricate managed metadata, and enjoy compliance support with retention and sensitivity labels (see compliance section below).

With folder search capabilities, navigate effortlessly through large document libraries containing millions of files and thousands of folders.

SharePoint Search Health Check

Documents not showing up in search results? The problem could stem from your search index. Our app identifies and rectifies these issues, and delivers a report to prevent future discrepancies. This is crucial for optimal functionality in Navigator 365, Microsoft Search, and Copilot, ensuring all documents are fully searchable and accessible.

Folder Search Document Library App

The Folder Search App enables seamless navigation through folders and document libraries within a site. Easily access the app from the document library toolbar by clicking the "Folder Search" button. Open the Folder Search panel to quickly locate and navigate to the desired folder with just one click.

Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams, end-users typically work within channel contexts, which can create silos. This setup works well for a few teams and channels but becomes unwieldy as users gain access to more channels and teams. Accessing documents poses additional challenges, as it requires switching to the Files tab within a channel.

Navigator 365 enhances the document-centric experience in Microsoft Teams by offering:

  • A single workspace to view and navigate documents across channels, teams, and SharePoint sites.
  • Display of new and updated documents from teams, channels, and SharePoint.
  • Customizable dashboards that aggregate content from selected teams, channels, and sites.
  • Improved data and document discoverability.
  • Taxonomy-driven navigation for documents.
  • Personal App / Dashboards

Navigator 365 Personal App empowers users to create personalized private dashboards, offering the ability to:

  • Efficiently aggregate documents from chosen teams, channels, and sites, enabling custom "themed" dashboards (e.g., IT, HR, Project X).
  • Organize data by teams, channels, folders, sites, contributors, managed metadata, enterprise keywords, and more.
  • Instantly view new or updated documents and team contributions.
  • Consolidate data from various Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites on a single screen.
  • Effortlessly discover and navigate through documents across multiple repositories.
  • Search and refine aggregated data for a tailored experience.


Navigator 365 allows users to explore classified content while respecting permissions. Users can filter and group by sensitive info type, sensitivity, or retention label to view the number of classified items, their storage locations, and further examine the actual documents. These features, which don't require special permissions or licensing, empower departments to review and manage their compliance effectively.


Navigate through OneDrive documents shared with you using Navigator 365.


Replace OpenText Custom View Search and Search Results widgets with Navigator 365 for a seamless SharePoint experience.

SharePoint Framework / SPFx

As a SharePoint Framework app (SPFx), Navigator 365 delivers a consistent user experience in both Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, whether on a Team site homepage, Microsoft Teams tab, or Teams Personal App.

FREE Version

After a 30-day trial, your license will automatically convert to a FREE version. Enjoy the same functionality as the full version, limited to displaying up to 30 items per dashboard/view.

Release Notes

We continuously enhance the app with new features. Review the latest release notes here.

Language Support (Localization)

We value the diversity of languages and aim to provide a user-friendly experience for everyone. We currently offer support for the following languages:

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Ukrainian

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